Welcome to the 2017 Haiti Tech Summit

The Ministry of Tourism welcomes with interest the holding of the first Haiti Tech Summit.  It particularly welcomes all those who have made the trip to take part in this grand digital fair.  On behalf of the Government of the Republic, I would like to thank you for these marks of friendship and consideration for our country, and I wish you all a warm welcome and a great stay with us in our home, your home.

President Jovenel Moïse’s ambition is to develop Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in our country to make it a lever for growth and social transformation.  And that is of the major investments in infrastructure, programmed as part of the Strategic Action Plan to connect the Haitian population and prepare our country for the digital revolution, over the next five years.

The first Haiti Tech Summit on digital economy and innovation is also in line with the need to promote and popularize ICT among the population, youth and policy-makers in particular.  In line with the wish of the President of the Republic, the Ministry of Tourism intends to make every effort to make it an annual sub-regional event in the field of ICT.

This first edition allows the participation of experts, professionals, operators and other public or private stakeholders in the field.  It includes discussion panels on the main developments in the sector, the conditions of digital inclusion for our country, but also innovation, financing, exhibitions of materials, achievements and projects of the main players in the digital ecosystem.

I dare hope that your discussions conclude with recommendations bearing new strategies, characterized by strong guidelines, aimed at giving a more appropriate anchorage to the information society and digital knowledge in our country.  I also urge you to look more closely at finding ways to bring the technological convergence offered by ICTs to the service of economy, administrative efficiency, education, health, and entertainment - in short, democratic values and principles.

Finally, I would like to wish all of you an excellent participation in this first summit.

Welcome to our home, your home!

Good work

Ayiti, se la pou w la!